Unfamiliar Genre Project Proposal Take 2

Genre: Magazine Feature Article

After hearing the ideas discussed in class, I decided I wanted to take a more fun approach to this assignment. As interesting as straight plays can be, they are somewhat more serious and definitely more lengthy to write. I thought about something that I enjoy reading that I’ve never tried to write, and I was drawn to the idea of writing a magazine article – specifically, the feature article. I think journalism is a really cool area of writing and I’d really like to be a part of some kind of magazine in the future if the teaching gig doesn’t work.

What I know about the genre: I have a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. It was actually a gift and I don’t particularly like the magazine that much, but the article about whoever is on the cover is my favorite part. It’s usually between 3-4 pages and includes pictures of the featured person, as well as a fun survey that they take. The article focuses on their past, what they’re currently doing, and sometimes their feelings about being famous or what they think about love. It’s done under the pretense of being an interview, but there is a lot more filler than direct quotes. I’m going to actually interview one of my friends so that I can get real answers to work with and maybe include some pictures of them as well so that it will be really authentic.

This is an excellent start, but when you start reading, go beyond Cosmopolitan, so you have a variety of models.