my favorite mistake.

(reading response January 17th)

writing about my favorite mistake is difficult because there are still days when I feel that it was more of a mistake than a lesson. as a high school senior, I chose to attend Adrian College to pursue a degree in Vocal Performance. I loved singing and I was sure that it was the path I wanted to take. then, after a semester there, I started having doubts. I was really struggling to keep up with my classes and I realized it was because I didn't like the way that my passion for singing had become a job. my voice definitely strengthened and I was singing better than I ever had, but it just wasn't making me happy. I also wasn't fitting in on campus, as the student body was smaller than my high school and I felt like I was more mature than the majority of people there. I also just missed living in a city. so, at the end of the year, I went home to Ann Arbor and never went back to Adrian. it was a hard choice because I had made friends there and was in a number of clubs; I had a pretty bright future made for myself. But I knew my heart just wasn't in it. the following year I attended WCC and struggled to decide how to start over, and I eventually decided on Eastern. although my collegiate journey has been far from what I imagined it to be growing up, I know I'm finally in the right place working towards a career I will love. and I know that without going through the mistake of going to Adrian, I never would have known what was best for me.