Schedule of Assignments:

T 1/10 Introduction
Focused freewriting: The Agony and Ecstasy of School Writing
Peer response: 3 questions

Th 1/12 Writing with Purpose
Read Gallagher, Chap 1
Request access to
Obsessions: What are some topics you think about a lot? Make a list of three. Here are mine.
Read Student Writing– “Defending a Grade” (Student Writing, p. 1)

T 1/17 Writing for Expression and Reflection
Read Gallagher, Chap 2

Th 1/19 Responding to Writers and Writing
Read Elbow, “Feedback” (Wiki – Assignments)

Write: Draft of Expressive/ Reflective Writing
Peer response

T 1/24 Revision and the Writing Process
Submit: Expressive/ Reflective Paper
Read: Fleischer/ Andrew-Vaughn, Chap 1
Skeletons Out of the Closet: The Case of the Missing 162 Per Cent”

Wiki Response; “The Right Question” (Student Writing, p. 2)

Th 1/26 What is Genre?
Read Fleischer/ Andrew, Chap 2

T 1/31 What is Genre?
Read Fleischer/ Andrew, Chap 3
Post to your personal wiki page: Proposal for “Unfamiliar Genre”

Th 2/2 Genre Immersion
Read Fleischer/ Andrew, Chap 3

T 2/ 7 Genre Inquiry
Post to your personal wiki page:
Annotated Bibliography and “User’s Guide to [Your Genre]“

Th 2/9 Genre Instruction
Read Fleischer/ Andrew, Chap 4
T 2/14 Genre Integration
Read Fleischer/ Andrew, Chap 5
Bring a draft of Unfamiliar Genre
Response Groups on Paper #3: UGP

Th 2/16 Genre and Style
Read Ehrenworth and Vinton, Chapter 1

Wiki Response: Explain how grammar and voice are related, according to Chapter 1 (Ehrenworth & Vinton)

T 2/21 Genre and Style
Submit Portfolio on Unfamiliar Genre Project
Teaching Groups Assigned Chapters from Gallagher

Th 2/23 Genre and Style
Read your chapter from Gallagher
Wiki Response: Describe the topic, genre and exigency of an effective writing assignment from your chapter. Why do you think it is effective?

2/28 – 3/4 Winter Break

T 3/6 Assessment: High Stakes –ACT Writing
Brainstorm questions for Interviews with high school writers
Teaching Groups Meet (Gallagher 3-7)

Th 3/8 Writing to Inform and Explain
Read Gallagher, Chap 3
Group Mini-lesson, Prompt, Workshop

T 3/13 Writing to Evaluate and Judge
Read Gallagher, Chap 4
Group Mini-lesson, Prompt, Workshop

Th 3/15 Writing to Inquire and Explore
Read Gallagher, Chap 5
Group Mini-lesson, Prompt, Workshop

T 3/20 Indicate which purpose your draft addresses
Draft of Expository Writing
Peer Response

Th 3/22 Writing to Analyze and Interpret
Submit Draft of Expository Writing
Read Gallagher, Chap 6
Group Mini-lesson, Prompt, Workshop

T 3/ 27 Writing to Take a Stand/ Propose a Solution
Read Gallagher, Chap 7
Group Mini-lesson, Prompt, Workshop
Submit Student Writer Profile, Interview notes and writing from high school writers

Th 3/29 Draft of Persuasive Writing
Peer Response Groups
Which purpose does your writing address?

T 4/3 Polishing the Paper
Submit Final Draft of Persuasive Writing
Read Gallagher, Chap 8

Th 4/5 Reflection and Portfolios
Bring in previous work for Portfolios
Previous Teaching Groups will work together on CAC Presentations

T 4/10 Collaborative Assessment Conferences (2)
"Evaluate and Judge" Group
"Inquire and Explore" Group

Th 4/12 Collaborative Assessment Conferences (2)
"Analyze and Interpret" Group
"Take a Stand" Group

T 4/17 Collaborative Assessment Conferences (1)
"Inform and Explain" Group
Reflections: What were your most valuable insights from the Collaborative Assessment Conferences? Be as specific as possible.
Did anything about your perspective on student writing change? Share responses and e-mail them to me before Thursday.
Portfolio workshop: questions, consultations.

Th 4/19 Portfolio Due

Th 4/26 Return Portfolios – Group Share